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Certified Virtual Personal Stylist

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Here is the course outline:

1. FSI Welcome and Orientation Class

1 hr

Welcome to your portal and your new certification course. Discover how eLearning works, how FSI awards certification, how you can earn CEU's and bonus courses and materials. Meet your instructor, set your profile, visit the networking group, practice netiquette. and take a guided tour of all features. Tutorials for the new learner include: how to access your resources, change your profile (including photo) find events and webinars, access fashion news and more.

Section Duration
pageText Hello and Welcome to FSI 15 min
package Gillian Welcomes You to FSI 15 min
package FSI Welcome Orientation 30 min

2. The Certification Review

30 min

Multiple video and seminar review of: Learning Outcomes, CEU’s, course objectives, standards in online learning, your course structure and curriculum. Discover what is required conduct while you are in the course, how to present yourself professionally while online and in the portal, how to contact FSI and where to find guides and help at the help desk.

Section Duration
package How FSI Certifies Students 30 min

3. Articles, Resources and Libraries

15 min

Continuing into the portal tour and navigation students will find how to enable privacy and security settings, how to avoid pop up blockers, how to engage with your instructor, setting up your email, joining a group, your best profile and biography details, meet your friends, find your resources and a few housekeeping items.

Section Duration
offline Read "About Your Course" Articles 15 min
pageText Legal Policy Must Read

4. First Assignment: Complete 6 Outcomes

25 min

Opportunity to get comfortable with survey templates, students submit answers electronically and their initial learning skills are examined. At this time the students bio, head shot and custom page is set up. Students can add a public profile page detailing social accounts, awards and professional bio information for prospective client and employers to peruse.

Section Duration
pageText Required Project to Complete Before Moving On 15 min
pieChart Complete Six Outcomes 10 min

5. Virtual Personal Stylist Intro: The Career

2 hrs, 45 min

Intro to the course. In audio video format this module includes lessons 1. Intro 2. The Virtual Personal Stylist Career 3. What Is an Online Virtual Personal Stylist? 4. The Goal of The Digital Stylist 5. Who Is Your Client? Getting Ready, 6. Getting Trained and Certified 7. Practice Great Customer Service 8. Your Consulting Style Online: Inner Value.

Section Duration
pageText CVPS Student Manual #1 45 min
package Virtual Personal Stylist Course Intro 1 hr, 30 min
quiz CVPS Quiz Intro Module 30 min

6. Virtual Personal Stylist: Training, Technology, Customer Service

1 hr, 30 min

In this interactive course the consultant learns the following: Getting Trained and Certified, Practice Great Customer Service, Your Consulting Style Online: Inner Value, Setting Up Your Technology, Getting Online and Visual with Your Client, Virtual Communication Apps to Use, Technology to Use in A Consult, Materials and Forms You Will Need, What to Charge

Section Duration
package Virtual Personal Stylist Course Part 1 1 hr, 30 min

7. Virtual Personal Stylist: Working with Clients

2 hrs, 45 min

Establishing a good working relationship in the first free consult sets the tone for the first virtual consult. Getting the client comfortable with the technology and the virtual process is also key to your success so be sure to spend some "quality time" with her so she is comfortable. Then once you process through the intake questionnaires your knowledge of her needs, wants, budgets and more will deepen. Module includes: Intake, Pre-Consult, First Virtual Consult, Digital Photograph, Client Interview , Client Application, Client Needs, Image and Style Survey, Personal Style Questionnaire, Creative Fashion Profile, Sample Budget Plan, Summary.

Section Duration
pageText CVPS Student Manual #2 45 min
package Virtual Personal Stylist Course Part 2 1 hr, 30 min
quiz CVPS Quiz Part 2 30 min

8. Virtual Consulting Session: How to Measure Body Shape and Proportion

2 hrs, 15 min

For the work and consults you will be providing the client it’s important to get a record of her horizontal body measurements, her vertical body measurement, her facial shape, and skin undertone. In this lesson the learner explores in detail the steps to take to get this information from the client. The use of tools to measure virtually is detailed as well.

Section Duration
pageText CVPS Student Manual #3 45 min
package How to Measure Virtually 1 hr, 30 min

9. Virtual Consulting Session: Facial Shapes, Lines and Proportions 1

2 hrs, 45 min

Training begins with the fundamentals of facial shape, facial lines, facial proportion and feature analysis. Subjects in audio and video tutorials include: Golden triangle, 5 Face, neck and shoulders, Focal points, Fit and Flatter, Understanding basic lines and figure types, Body to Face Shape Match, Angled Facial Shapes, Incorrect Necklines, Curved Facial Shape, Correct Necklines, Accessory Line, End Module Assignments

Section Duration
offline Download Resource Forms 30 min
pageText Student Manual - Virtual Consulting Session: Understanding Facial Shapes and Features 45 min
package Virtual Consulting Session: Facial Shapes, Lines and Proportions 1 1 hr
quiz Virtual Consulting Session: Facial Shapes, Lines and Proportions 1 Quiz 30 min

10. Virtual Consulting Session: Facial Shapes, Lines and Proportions Part 2

2 hrs, 10 min

Part 2 - Consulting Steps. The audio and video fundamental studies include: Consultation – Methodology of consulting process, Preparation Process, Taking Digital Photographs, Detailed Head and Face Measurements, Determining Golden Triangle, Determining Facial Shapes and Lines.

Section Duration
offline Download Resource Forms 10 min
package Virtual Jewelry and Accessory Stylist Part 2 1 hr, 15 min
quiz Virtual Consulting Session: Facial Shapes, Lines and Proportions Part 2 Quiz 45 min

11. Virtual Consulting Session: Jewelry and Accessory Styling

1 hr, 30 min

Building on prior tutorials this section rounds out the study of the fundamentals of Jewelry and Accessory Client Styling and includes modules on: Mature Faces, Scale of Features, Tip Sheets, Accessory Styling The Client, Best Styles Create Winning Impressions, Accessory Styles, How to Wear scarves, hats, glasses, wigs, necklines, Designer Jewels, Costume Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Trends and Fads, Shopping Resources, and more.

Section Duration
package Virtual Consulting Session: Jewelry and Accessory Styling 1 hr
quiz Virtual Consulting Session: Jewelry and Accessory Styling Quiz 30 min

12. Virtual Consulting Session: Body Shape and Proportion

4 hrs, 30 min

Instructor led video demonstrating principles of proportion, fit, cut, tailoring, styling. Steps for creating a visually perfect outfit, the Golden Mean in fashion coordination and harmony of design. Students learn important concepts of proportioning clothing, matching hairstyles to facial shape, fit principles and focal points. The ABC’s of the client measurement session are reviewed in this course section.

Section Duration
package Proportion and Balance in Fashion Styling 1 hr, 30 min
package Proportion Part 2 The 123's 1 hr
pencil Proportion Part 2 The 123's Assignment 2 hrs

13. Virtual Consulting Session: The Style Personality Consultation

2 hrs, 15 min

Review concepts of visual style definition, Understand the need for a visual image and brand message, Identify importance of visual image and style to clients, Prepare consultation session with clients, Practice ten steps of the visual style consultation, Administer style quiz and identification of clothing message, Review the benefits of identifying a style personality, Understand the attributes of basic personality types, Find a signature style name for the client, Create a style collage for oneself, Identify all ten of the dominant and modern visual style types.

Section Duration
pageText Student Manual Fashion Personality 30 min
package Completing an Online Visual Style Personality Virtually 1 hr, 45 min

14. Virtual Consulting Session: Identify Style Personality

4 hrs

Prepare Style Quiz in consultation with clients, Administer multiple client quizzes, Identify authentic image versus perceived image, Process client goals for appearance needs, Review hairstyle examples, Review makeup examples, Review lifestyle clothing examples, Determine ten distinct style themes for individual clothing personality, Identify each distinct personality and its back story, color jewelry, accessory, shoe, makeup and hair style, Complete the identification and analysis feedback process.

Section Duration
pageText Student Copy of FSP Quiz Book 2 hrs
package Virtual Consulting Session: The Visual Style Personality Workbook Video 2 hrs

15. Virtual Consulting Session: The Visual Image Spectrum

1 hr, 15 min

Describe Six modern images (Power, Creative, Conservative, Appropriate, Gentle, Feminine), Outline visual image spectrum options for clients, Process correct identification for individual client style, Review the style directives and clothing coordinates for each image message, Review categories of modern style options and sub-categories of themed dressing.

Section Duration
package Visual Image Spectrum Messages Module 1 hr, 15 min

16. The Psychological Messages of Colors

1 hr

Color Studies: learn colors on the modern color wheel to discover positive, negative and psychological messages in apparel color choices. Understanding color names and the color wheel organization, Review the psychological meaning of 22 popular clothing colors, Determine client’s favorite colors and guide her toward appropriate messaging, Understand both the negative and positive messages of clothing colors.

Section Duration
package Messages of Color in Clothing Choice Module 1 hr

17. Virtual Consulting Session: Color Analysis

1 hr, 30 min

Color Analysis training modules in client color consulting methods, the study of color, skin tone, undertone. Modules include study in skin tone contrast, temperature, tone, hue. The ten-step color draping and analysis process is thoroughly reviewed. Instructions and tutorials on how to virtual color consult detailed and demo'd.

Section Duration
offline Read The Virtual Color Analysis Consult Manual 1 hr
pageText Color Analysis Extras 30 min

18. Online Color Analysis Using Digital Tools

2 hrs, 30 min

In this section modules include the online color analysis and how to use digital and technology tools. Discover the best way to photograph the client and how your client. How to produce an excellent photographic image to analyze. Sample the virtual color analysis consult on how to prepare your client using professional online apps. Discover how these apps are used to determine your client’s undertone, create color libraries and fashion matches for your client.

Section Duration
package Online Color Analysis Using Digital Tools 2 hrs
quiz Color Analysis Quiz 30 min

19. Color App Tutorial Audio/Video

3 hrs, 20 min

Visually identify inherent colors for clients using provided software (free download). This tutorial breaks down the steps to take to create a photo, upload it and identify inherent colors in eye color. For use in identifying correct clothing and accessory colors as well.

Section Duration
pageText Important Read - Update to Pantone 10 min
pageText Identify Inherent Client Color Worksheet 10 min
package Using a Color App for Virtual Color Analysis 1 hr
pencil Identify Your Inherent Colors 2 hrs

20. Virtual Consulting Session: Wardrobe and Closet Edit

8 hrs, 45 min

The virtual wardrobe edit is one that we do with clients using an online connection while meeting in an online space. In this consult we review the client’s keepers and then teach, illustrate, and example how to mix and match, and style, what is left of her wardrobe edit. Your training modules include = editing her accessories, shoes, and jewelry collections. Demo's on photography apps, wardrobe databases and clothing planners.

Section Duration
pageText Wardrobe Module Student Manual 1 hr
package CVPS Wardrobe Edit Intro 1 hr, 30 min
package CVPS Wardrobe Edit Part 2 1 hr, 30 min
package Virtual Wardrobe Editing and Styling Session 2 hrs
folderUp Submit Digital Photo of Styled Client or Mannequin 2 hrs
quiz Wardrobe Module Quiz 45 min

21. Virtual Consulting Session: Creating a Clients Digital Fashion Collage

2 hrs, 35 min

Digital collage work is an art form and one that can be integrated into the work a stylist consultant does with clients. Learn to assemble outfits that tell a story to visually explain the principles of fashion and clothing coordination, create sets, plan modular dressing, travel planners and more.

Section Duration
pageText Collage Tutorial Manual 5 min
package Video Tutorial: Creating a Client's Digital Fashion Collage 1 hr
pencil Create and Submit Your First Collage Project 1 hr, 30 min

22. How to Coordinate, Mix and Match Fashion

2 hrs, 10 min

Master stylists and consultants develop their critical eye by visually stepping back from an image to analyze it. They do this by mentally running through a set list of points that determine a perfect appearance. You will be drawing on this ability while in your Zoom session and using your “eye” to evaluate her outfits. Learn how to coordinate fashion combinations of print, texture, pattern and color. Includes video instructions and tutorials on combining three, four and more prints and patterns to achieve "high styling" mastery. Additional workbook is included "How to Coordinate Fashion."

Section Duration
pageText Student Manual Mixing to Match How to Coordinate Fashion PDF
package How to Coordinate Fashion Part 1 1 hr
package How to Coordinate Fashion Re-Cap 1 hr
pageText Style Garment Cheat Sheet 10 min

23. Virtual Online Shopping: Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods

3 hrs

Preparation, planning and implementation steps of the virtual shopping session includes tutorials and Video demo's including: Getting Started as an Online Personal Shopper, What Is Online Personal Shopping? ABC’s Of Online Retail Shopping, The Shopping Plan for the Online Virtual Personal Stylist, Using a Site Stylist to Guide You, Tools And Technology You Will Need, Professional Methods of Online Shopping, How to Process the Virtual Online Shopping Consultation, The Style Box Unpacking Consult and more.

Section Duration
offline Read Virtual Personal Stylist Online Shopping Manual 1 hr
package Virtual Online Shopping Consult 2 hrs

24. The Virtual Hairstyle and Makeup Consult

5 hrs

Let’s review how do a consultation to determine your clients facial shape, how to measure, what the variations are in the seven facial shapes, a look at how to determine these shapes and then we will take a look at how to process an online and virtual hairstyle and makeup consult. You will also discover how to purchase makeup and make recommendations for shopping to your online client.

Section Duration
pageText Manual Facial Shape and Hairstyles 1 hr
package Facial Shape and Hairstyles Module 1 hr
pageText Manual for Virtual Hairstyle and Makeup Consult 1 hr
package The Virtual Hairstyle And Makeup Consult 2 hrs

25. Student Project - Define Your Niche Market

45 min

Students discover a powerful method toward identifying their niche market within this industry. Graded assignment offers key feedback to motivate students toward professional consultant status. A great way to define their business goal. Passing grade of 85% or higher needed.

Section Duration
pencil Virtual Personal Stylist Target Niche Statement 45 min


45 min

To complete the course, earn certification, quality for Continuing Education Units and badge awards learners need to complete 15 Multiple Choice, True/False questions and three essay answers based on the course teaching, techniques and tools reviewed. A passing grade of 85% is required with two attempts to pass.

Section Duration
quiz CVPS Final Exam 45 min

27. Bonus Content And Business Set Up

2 hrs, 30 min

Welcome to the Certified Virtual Personal Stylist course bonus content. In this module you will review additional services you can add to your menu, set up your web presence with three web hosting sites you can use to create your first landing page or site. Discover how to create a visual digital Lookbook with examples of your work. Explore career options and how to get corporate work. Learn how to begin live streaming style events.

Section Duration
pageText Bonus Content And Business Set Up Student Manual 1 hr
package Bonus Content to Grow Your Business Bigger 1 hr, 30 min

28. Student Review and Rating

Feedback review and rating by instructors. Students will now be reviewed and rated by their instructor and feedback given about the students professional performance skills throughout the course along with advice about improvement if needed.

pageText Rating Student Performance/ Instructor Feedback

29. Course ending checkout paperwork

25 min

All students completing the course are required to submit a brief feedback testimonial about their experience with the course. Click the link below for instructions and sample. Students also must complete a Participant Training Evaluation form prior to completing the course to earn their CEU's and/ or ILU's and offer feedback about the course, the portal and the instructors.

Section Duration
pageText MUST READ: Important Information About the Portal Policies
pageText Rate This Course 10 min
pieChart Graduate Exit Survey Participant Evaluation
pencil Exit Feedback 15 min

30. ZIP Graduate Resource Documents

10 min

Online library of downloadable templates, resources, forms, eBooks and supportive material to help the new graduate build a strong business are provided free of charge upon successful completion of the course and the fulfillment of all assignments.

Section Duration
pageText Graduate Forms Folder ZIP File 10 min


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Award CEU Statement
FSI Official Final Certification Award
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