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Certified Fashion Trend Consultant

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Become a Fashion Detective - Discover Trends and Create a Profitable Business!



In this information packed course discover how local trends seen on the streets of the world’s capitals make their way globally into fashion design and production, how to take trend information and turn it into a money making service for your clients via seminars, slide productions, videos, color trend reports and more. Discover how trend reporting helps drive the fashion industry and how you can benefit from trend knowledge by applying trend information to services you offer your client. Learn how to identify what’s currently in fashion, what’s going to be in fashion and what’s no longer fashionable. You’ll discover how to help your clients achieve up to date information on fashion ebbs and flows. Whether cool-hunting, trend-spotting, future casting or trend analyzing this program will boost your reporting skills (written and oral). The following is a basic topic Overview of the interactive video tutorials in this course. Course includes audio, video, interactions, mini-quizzes, exercises and exams:


Here is the course outline:

1. FSI Welcome and Orientation Class

Course welcome, how eLearning works, meet your instructor, set your profile, review the portal, practice netiquette. Tutorials for the new learner, how to access your resources, change your profile (including photo) and join a networking group.

pageText FSI Policy Must Read
pageText View Orientation Video
package FSI Welcome Orientation

2. The Certification Review

Multiple video and seminar review of: Learning Outcomes, CEU’s, course objectives, standards in online learning, your course structure and curriculum.

pageText Read Information About Viewing Online Courses
package How FSI Certifies Students

3. Access Your Resources

Instructions on accessing your course resources, manual and online quiz reviews.

pageText Review Resource Section Information
pageText Required Project to Complete Before Moving On
pieChart Complete Six Outcomes

4. Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods

Self-paced instructional video, audio, tools, resources, online links and ebooks to study. Students have access to each class within the course for up to 8 weeks. This section offers the training kits for the important components of the course. The course begins with an introduction to the career of the trend forecaster, it’s place in the fashion spectrum, what forecasters do, how they do it and why it is considered to be the most important fashion job in the modern fashion world.

package Intro to Fashion Trend Forecasting
pieChart Identify Current Trends

5. The Fashion Forecasting Process: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods

An overview beginning with forecasters (who, what, when, why, and how) and an introduction to the forecasting specialties. The class also familiarizes executives with some of the frameworks for organizing observations, explaining trends, and hypothesizing future directions. The class concludes with a discussion of the attributes a forecaster needs in order to pursue a career in the field.

package FF Forecasting Defined Module 1
offline FF Module 1 Assignment Survey

6. Introducing Innovation: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods

The class presents diffusion of innovation as a framework for explaining how innovation moves through a social system, and the types of consumers who participate in each time period. The focus is on consumer behavior—how different consumers react when presented with new products or fashion trends. The concept of consumer segmentation is introduced as a way to visualize markets.

package FF Fashion Innovation Module 2
pageText Generational Survey Instructions
pieChart Generational Life Style Survey - The Boomer Generation
pieChart Generational Life Style Survey - Gen X'ers
pieChart Generational Life Style Survey - Gen Y
pieChart Generational Life Style Survey - Gen Z
pencil Submit Survey Results

7. The Direction of Fashion and Cultural Indicators: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods

The class discusses fashion movement—trickle down, trickle up, trickle across, and fashion cycles—and illustrates the process with examples from fashion history and today’s marketplace. Also reviewed are the different approaches to long-term forecasting by profiling key forecasters and how their predictions related to the fashion industry.

package FF Fashion and Cultural Indicators Module 3
pageText 2022-2023 Trend Hunters Trend Report
pageText Activity - Organize Your Research

8. Color Forecasting: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods

The class provides an introduction to color theory as a foundation for forecasting. Ideas associated with color cycles, the possible underlying patterns in the popularity of colors, are discussed. The focus of the class is on the challenge of predicting color with sections on color research, organizations for professionals, and color planning in the industry. A profile of Leatrice Eiseman, a well-known color forecaster, illustrates the working life of forecasters.

package FF Color Forecasting Module 4
pencil Module 4 Color Trend Spotting Assignment

9. Textile Development: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods

The class presents the basics of textile manufacturing as a precursor for understanding forecasting, including the sources for innovation. The focus of the Module is on the process of researching seasonal trends in texture, weight, pattern, and performance.

package FF Textile Development Module 5
pencil Module 5 Textile Development Trend Spotting Essay
pageText Complete Textile and Fiber Glossary

10. The Look: Design Concepts and Style Directions: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods

The class introduces the idea of trend multiplication as a long-term direction for fashion. The fashion map includes the cities hosting international Fashion Weeks, fashion off the runway, and street fashion.

package FF Style Forecasting Module 6
pencil Module 6 Design Concepts/ Style Directions Trend Spotting Essay

11. Presenting the Forecast: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods

Communication is a forecaster’s job; the class explains how to transform information into learning through creative presentation techniques. Topics include trend reporting, presentation tools such as software, and speaking techniques that help the forecaster connect with the audience. Because predictions are made with incomplete information, there are many traps for the unwary forecaster; the class reviews some to avoid.

package FF Presenting the Forecast Module 7
pencil Module 7 Presenting the Forecast Essay Assignment

12. Resource Bank and Sample Power Point Presentation

Over 100 trend reports, trend resources and workshop samples for color, runway, street and fashion reporting. Executives are presented with solid business start-up concepts to begin earning money as Fashion Trend Consultants.

pageText Sample Power Point Windows
Trend Reporting Resources List

13. Fashion Trend Certification Final Exam

Online exam to test student’s absorption of the course training. 25 true/ false, multiple choice, mix and match and two essay questions. Scoring is standard from A to F (fail). Passing score must be 80% or higher.

quiz Fashion Trend Consultant Course Final Exam

14. Student Review and Rating

Feedback review and rating by instructors. Students will now be reviewed and rated by their instructor and feedback given about the students professional performance skills throughout the course along with advice about improvement if needed.

pageText Rating Student Performance/ Instructor Feedback

15. Exit Instructions

All students completing the course are required to submit a brief feedback testimonial about their experience with the course. Click the link below for instructions and sample. Students also must complete a Participant Training Evaluation form prior to completing the course.

pageText MUST READ: Important Information About the Portal Policies
pageText Rate This Course
pieChart Graduate Exit Survey Participant Evaluation
pencil Exit Feedback

16. Library Access - Articles, Resources and White Papers

Entire fashion library includes over 20 important scholarly articles on fashion, fashion history, fashion week, etc. free for download and off-line reading. Supplemental materials include free e-books, free fashion images and other research tools students can use to further their knowledge of fashion, style and image.

pageText Fashion Resources Library of Articles

17. Graduate Resources

Online library of downloadable resources, forms, eBooks and supportive material to help the new graduate build a strong business.

pageText Graduate Forms Folder


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Award CEU Statement
FSI Official Final Certification Award
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