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Certified Wardrobe Stylist Course

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Discover How to Edit, Organize and Manage Clothing Assortments!


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Today's economy has given women (and men) an opportunity to use what they already own and shopping ones closet has become a way to save money, save time and get creative with styling choices. However, when confronted with a closet full of disparate options most people freeze when deciding what to wear. They need our help! This professional certification course was developed to train you to help others learn how to successfully use what they already own and look good in their own clothes! Optionally those who are pursuing Wardrobe Styling as a career will benefit from the modules and tutorials relating to photo shoots, fashion shows, blogging and line-sheet planning. The following is a basic topic Overview of the interactive video tutorials in this course. Course includes audio, video, interactions, mini-quizzes, exercises and exams:


Here is the course outline:

1. FSI Welcome and Orientation Class

45 min

Course welcome, how eLearning works, meet your instructor, set your profile, review the portal, practice netiquette. Tutorials for the new learner, how to access your resources, change your profile (including photo) and join a networking group.

Section Duration
pageText Hello and Welcome to FSI 10 min
pageText View Orientation Video 20 min
package FSI Welcome Orientation 15 min

2. The Certification Review

25 min

Multiple video and seminar review of: Learning Outcomes, CEU’s, course objectives, standards in online learning, your course structure and curriculum.

Section Duration
pageText Read Information About Viewing Online Courses 10 min
package How FSI Certifies Students 15 min

3. Articles, Resources and Libraries

15 min

Your security settings, avoiding pop up blockers, setting your email, joining a group, your best profile and biography details, meet your friends, find your resources etc.

Section Duration
offline Read "About Your Course" Articles 15 min

4. First Assignment: Complete 6 Outcomes

45 min

Opportunity to get comfortable with survey templates, students submit answers electronically and their initial learning skills are examined.

Section Duration
pageText Required Project to Complete Before Moving On 30 min
pieChart Complete Six Outcomes 15 min

5. Fashion 101 - Influence of Consumer Choices

1 hr, 30 min

The course starts with nine Fashion 101 modules to introduce the learner to the fashion industry and fashion design principles and elements. First video section reviews the influence of fashion on consumer behavior. Study includes: Body image, Clothing symbols, Impression formation, Impression management, Nonverbal communication, Person perception communication model, Personality, Self-image, Stereotypes, Traits and Values.

Section Duration
package Module 1 Influence of Consumer Choices 1 hr
quiz CP Quiz 1 30 min

6. Fashion 101 - Cultural Influences of Fashion

1 hr, 35 min

Video section reviews the influence of culture on consumer behavior. Study includes: Adornment, Aesthetic, Androgynous, Culture, Diaspora, Diffusion, Ethnic Identity, Gender, Modesty, Protection, Psychological need, Rites of passage, Socio-cultural needs.

Section Duration
package Module 2 Cultural Influences 1 hr
pageText 5 Minute Read Anthropology of Dress and Fashion 5 min
quiz CP Quiz 2 30 min

7. Fashion 101 - Physical Influences of Fashion

1 hr, 30 min

Video section reviews how our physical aspects influence what we wear. Study includes: Balanced silhouette, Body proportion, Body Types (Wedge i.e.: Inverted Triangle, Triangle, Hourglass, Rectangle), Understanding the skin, Melanin, Carotene, Cosmetics, Physical Body Types, Somatypes: Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph, Hair, Keratin, Muscles, Nails, Skin, and more.

Section Duration
package Module 3 Physical Influences of Fashion 1 hr
quiz CP Quiz 3 30 min

8. Fashion 101 - Design Elements of Fashion: Line

1 hr, 30 min

Video section reviews the Design Elements – Space, Shape, Form and Line. Study includes: Angular Shape, Curved line, Curved shape, Decorative line, Dominant line, Elements of design – Form, Hairstyle, Line, Shape, Space, Straight line, Silhouette and more.

Section Duration
package Module 4 Design Elements Lines 1 hr
quiz CP Quiz 4 30 min

9. Fashion 101 - Design Elements / Color

Video section reviews the color theories and color analysis. Study includes: Achromatic (color harmony), Analogous (color harmony), Chroma, Color, Contrasting (color harmony), Cool hues, Dominant color types, Dimensions of color, Hue, Monochromatic, Primary colors, Secondary colors, Triad (color harmony), Value, Warm hues and more.

package Module 5 Design Elements - Color
quiz CP Quiz 5

10. Fashion 101 - Design Elements / Texture

This video section reviews fabric, texture principles. Study includes: Understanding draping, Fabric, Fashion fabric, Fibers, Finish, Hand Harmony, Proportion, Tactile qualities, Tailoring, Texture, Yarns.

package Module 6 Design Elements Texture
quiz CP Quiz 6

11. Fashion 101 - Fashion Design Principles

Concepts of design, fashion design decisions and design vocabulary are among the topics covered. Video section reviews important design principles – Study includes: Applied design, Balance, Design, Emphasis, Formal Balance, Harmony, Informal Balance, Progression, Proportion, Radial Balance, Rhythm, Structural Design, Unity

package Module 7 Design Principles
quiz CP Quiz 7

12. Fashion 101 - Fashion Design Principles / Fit

Fit, tailoring, sizing guidelines and size categories are just some of the topics studied here. Study includes: Design ease, Drop, Ease, Fit (Men’s and Women’s), Fit models, Grain, Rise, Tailoring, Wearing ease, sizing categories.

package Module 8 Clothing Fit
quiz CP Quiz 8

13. Fashion 101 - Fashion Design Principles / Wardrobe

Clothing budget, clothing selection, wardrobe planning and accessory purchasing are discussed and dissected. Video section reviews strategies used in managing client wardrobes. Study includes: Accessory Basics, Bridge jewelry, Business casual dress, Cost per outfit formula, Cost per wearing formula, Costume jewelry, Everyday casual wear, Extras, Fashion personality, Fine jewelry, Traditional business dress, Wardrobe planning.

package Module 9 Wardrobe Strategies
quiz CP Quiz 9

14. Wardrobe Stylist: Part 1

2 hrs

Video sections include: What is a Wardrobe Stylist? Edit a Clients Closet, Coordinate Existing Clothing Inventory, Plan Purchase Needs, Plan Ancillary (supplemental) Wardrobe Items, Shop To Build Wardrobe, Audio lecture – what to expect in the initial stages of working with clients, Review video “Styling the Client”, discussion on Color, Style, Dress Details and Body Lines. Review tutorial on how to set up clothes to photograph for clients database. Review ten steps for Mixing and Matching items – this teaches the client how to extend the use of her wardrobe.

Section Duration
offline Wardrobe Stylist Course Student Manual 1 hr
package Wardrobe Stylist Part One 1 hr

15. Wardrobe Stylist Part 2

1 hr

In Part Two the consultation steps continue. How to manage clothing and wardrobe collections. Learn about pull sheets, tracking inventory, organizing and how to maximize the use of existing clothing for an expanded and fully functioning wardrobe. The important element of capsule wardrobe planning is detailed.

Section Duration
package Wardrobe Stylist Part Two 1 hr

16. Wardrobe Stylist Part 3

1 hr, 10 min

Wardrobe Styling methods for professional line rack. How to assist the photographer, how to create your portfolio, getting editorial work, working backstage managing wardrobes in photo shoots, commercials and videos. This section includes multiple video review of backstage production and the role of the wardrobe stylist in fashion events.

Section Duration
package Wardrobe Stylist Part Three 1 hr
offline Review 7 minute Video Presentation 10 min

17. How to Measure, Fit and Proportion

1 hr, 15 min

Instructor led video demonstrating principles of proportion, fit, cut, tailoring, styling. Steps for creating a visually perfect outfit, the Golden Mean in fashion coordination and harmony of design. Students learn important concepts of proportioning clothing, matching hairstyles to facial shape, fit principles and focal points. The ABC’s of the client measurement session are reviewed in this course section.

Section Duration
offline Review How to Measure Articles 15 min
package How to Measure Tutorial 1 hr

18. Styling Game Sessions

1 hr, 25 min

Practice interactive styling sessions, identify how to clothe each body shape, use software to create client books, collages, style directives and more. Create coordinated sets, multiple clothing choices, mix and match options. Learn to style, coordinate, hairstyles, facial shape PLUS complete five interactive exercises in styling.

Section Duration
package Styling Game Review 1 hr, 15 min
pieChart Styling Game Review Exercises 10 min

19. Proportion and Fit Seminars

3 hrs, 10 min

Instructor led video demonstrating principles of proportion, fit, cut, tailoring, styling. Steps for creating a visually perfect outfit, the Golden Mean in fashion coordination and harmony of design. Students learn important concepts of proportioning clothing, hairstyles to facial shape, fit principles and focal points.

Section Duration
package Proportion and Balance in Fashion Styling 1 hr
pageText Proportion and Balance Notes 10 min
package Proportion Part 2 The 123's 1 hr
pencil Proportion Part 2 The 123's Assignment 1 hr

20. Jewelry and Accessory Styling Basics

3 hrs

Training begins with the fundamentals of facial shape, facial lines, facial proportion and feature analysis. Subjects in audio and video tutorials include: Golden triangle, 5 Face, neck and shoulders, Focal points, Fit and Flatter, Understanding basic lines and figure types, Body to Face Shape Match, Angled Facial Shapes, Incorrect Necklines, Curved Facial Shape, Correct Necklines, Accessory Line, End Module Assignments

Section Duration
offline Download Resource Forms 30 min
pageText Jewelry Accessory Styling Student Manual 30 min
package Jewelry Accessory Module 1 1 hr, 30 min
quiz Jewelry Intro Quiz 1 30 min

21. Jewelry and Accessory Analysis and Consulting Steps

2 hrs

Jewelry and Accessory Part 2 - Consulting Steps. The audio and video fundamental studies include: Intro –professional Jewelry and Accessory styling, Consultation – Methodology of consulting process, Preparation and Draping Process, Taking Digital Photographs, Detailed Head and Face Measurements, Determining Golden Triangle, Determining Facial Shapes and Lines. Quiz to test / passing rate 80%

Section Duration
package Jewelry Accessory Module 2 1 hr, 30 min
quiz Jewelry and Accessories Quiz 2 30 min

22. How to Identify Facial Shape and Hairstyles

1 hr, 40 min

How to measure, determine and verify the correct facial shape. Then discover how to choose appropriate hairstyles for each facial shape. Video tutorials teach how to identify “lines” in facial features, determine scale of facial proportions that influence hair style. Quiz practice included.

Section Duration
package Facial Shape Module 1 hr
pageText How to Identify Facial Shapes Workbook 40 min

23. Accessory Styling Sessions: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods

2 hrs

Building on prior tutorials this section rounds out the study of the fundamentals of Jewelry and Accessory Client Styling and includes modules on: Mature Faces, Scale of Features, Tip Sheets, Accessory Styling The Client, Best Styles Create Winning Impressions, Accessory Styles, How to Wear scarves, hats, glasses, wigs, necklines, Designer Jewels, Costume Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Trends and Fads, Shopping Resources, and more.

Section Duration
package Jewelry Accessory Styling Module 3 1 hr, 30 min
quiz Jewelry & Accessory Styling Sessions Quiz 3 30 min

24. How to Coordinate, Mix and Match Fashion

2 hrs, 35 min

Master class in styling - how to coordinate fashion combinations of print, texture, pattern and color. Includes video instructions and tutorials on combining three, four and more prints and patterns to achieve "high styling" mastery. 133 page manual is included "How to Coordinate Fashion"

Section Duration
pageText Student Manual Mixing to Match How to Coordinate Fashion PDF
package How to Coordinate Fashion Part 1 1 hr, 15 min
package How to Coordinate Fashion Re-Cap 1 hr, 10 min
pageText Style Garment Cheat Sheet 10 min

25. Learn to Digitally Collage For Clients

3 hrs

Digital collage work is an art form and one that can be intergrated into the work a stylist consultant does with clients. Learn to assemble outfits that tell a story to visually explain the principles of fashion and clothing coordination, create sets, plan modular dressing, travel planners and more.

Section Duration
pageText PicCollage Instructions 15 min
package PicCollage Demo and Tutorial 1 hr
pencil Describe and Submit PicCollage Project 1 hr, 45 min

26. Color Analysis and Consulting Methods

4 hrs, 30 min

Color Analysis training modules in client color consulting methods, the study of color, skin tone, undertone. Modules include study in skin tone contrast, temperature, tone, hue. The ten-step color draping and analysis process is thoroughly reviewed and includes video examples and tutorials.

Section Duration
offline Color Analysis Student Manual 1 hr
package Color Analysis Part 1 1 hr, 15 min
package Color Analysis Part 2 45 min
package Color Analysis Part 3 1 hr
pageText Color Analysis Extras 30 min

27. Adobe Kuler Tutorial Audio/Video

1 hr, 10 min

Visually identify inherent colors for clients using provided software (free download). This tutorial breaks down the steps to take to create a photo, upload it and identify inherent colors in eye color. For use in identifying correct clothing and accessory colors as well.

Section Duration
package How to Use Kuler For Color Analysis 1 hr
pageText Adobe Kuler Worksheet 10 min

28. Wardrobe Styling Project - Test Shoot

1 hr, 5 min

Fun and engaging the style project is an opportunity for the learner to display their new found skills in a creative individual or group project. Students are tasked to coordinate an outfit, adding accessories and photographing a completely styled model, mannequin or flat lay.

Section Duration
pageText Wardrobe Styling Project Set Up a Test Shoot 5 min
folderUp Submit Digital Photo of Styled Client or Mannequin 1 hr

29. Basic Apparel Style Terms

1 hr, 10 min

Over 150 core silhouettes, clothing styles and details reviewed in video format and pronunciation. Core terms for any fashion student preparing for exams. Fashion professionals need an understanding of these core terms to practice as consultants.

Section Duration
pageText Basic Apparel Slide Notes PDF 10 min
package Basic Apparel Style Terms and Pronunciations 30 min
pageText Complete Textile and Fiber Glossary 30 min

30. Quiz Review and Quiz

1 hr, 30 min

Online exam to test student’s absorption of the course training. 25 true/ false, multiple choice, mix and match and two essay questions. Scoring is standard from A to F (fail). Passing score must be 80% or higher.

Section Duration
quiz Wardrobe Stylist Final Exam 1 hr
pencil Essay 1 Why I Want to Be a Professional Wardrobe Stylist 30 min

31. Student Project - Define Your Niche Market

1 hr

Students discover a powerful method toward identifying their niche market within this industry. Graded assignment offers key feedback to motivate students toward professional consultant status. A great way to define their business goal.

Section Duration
pencil Wardrobe Stylist Niche Market Statement 1 hr

32. Student Review and Rating

Feedback review and rating by instructors. Students will now be reviewed and rated by their instructor and feedback given about the students professional performance skills throughout the course along with advice about improvement if needed.

pageText Rating Student Performance/ Instructor Feedback

33. Course ending checkout paperwork

30 min

All students completing the course are required to submit a brief feedback testimonial about their experience with the course. Click the link below for instructions and sample. Students also must complete a Participant Training Evaluation form prior to completing the course to earn their CEU's and/ or ILU's.

Section Duration
pageText MUST READ: Important Information About the Portal Policies
pageText Rate This Course 10 min
pieChart Graduate Exit Survey Participant Evaluation
pencil Exit Feedback 20 min

34. ZIP Graduate Resource Documents

15 min

Online library of downloadable resources, forms, eBooks and supportive material to help the new graduate build a strong business. Be sure to open this robust forms file and download NOW as this module will lock when your course is complete.

Section Duration
pageText Free Customizable Forms 15 min


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Award CEU Statement
FSI Official Final Certification Award
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