Virtual online training at FSI offers 24/7/365 access to certification courses for the fashion student, fashion consultant and fashion fan in need of training to build a business.  Everyone can learn something new about fashion and these courses allow you to choose a topic, access the course, study at your own pace and broaden your knowledge base!  Your course opens immediately upon purchase and you can begin studying today. No waiting, no schedule, open your course instantly, no waiting for PDF's or scheduled meetings - enroll and then meet your online support team online and off you go!

Online + Mobile

Modern learning portals, streamlined training modules, interactive training make learning fun and inspiring. Anyone with a computer or mobile device can start today anywhere in the world. Over 27 languages are supported. Instructors are always on hand to help (and available via email, text, im).

Affordable + Achievable

We don't believe in price gouging - our higher goal is to empower men and women to help their clients look and feel great. We do this by offering a full-on certification training program to train our grads to have their business up are running. This industry is not regulated so there are many "trainers" out there who do nothing but offer written text. We offer hands-on interactive, CEU certified and accredited online training programs in virtual classrooms that are designed with the fashion and image student in mind. FSI pioneered the online fashion training in e-learning in 2010 and has consistently been the leader in providing high quality, affordable fashion training courses online. Our quality programs have helped over 4000+ consultants to succeed. We offer technicians, teachers, mentors and professional training to the student - a priceless experience!  FSI offers 18 professional courses, including our newest and biggest - Virtual Personal Stylist Consulting Certification.

How Does it Work?

Our powerful Amazon cloud based (AWS) learning management system is designed to work across all platforms and devices securely, seamlessly and speedily. As soon as your purchase is complete your campus opens. The course is not dependent on any ones schedule but your own. Full courses begin with FASHION BASICS 101 to train you on the intricacies of the fashion industry, the elements of fashion design and the principles of color, style, proportion and line. The TRAINING MODULES of the course offer online, interactive exercises, skills training, project developments with other students, styling projects, quizzes and more.  Depending on your certification choice your learning will focus on that niche business to prepare you for 21st century entrepreneurship. All students receive a bonus IMAGE  BUSINESS START UP course to complete and polish their skills.

Networking + Reviews (read more in each course listing)

FSI has graduated more than 4000 consultants working all over the world. If you would like to visit their business listing (a free perk as a graduate) just go to our directory. You can also read what each graduate has to say about their experience by reading their reviews and network virtually while you are on campus. 

"When I was starting out and looking for an affordable and reputable Image Consulting Course, I found Fashion Stylist Institute and ranked it among a few others. FSI came out the winner, with the best bang for the buck that would help train me in Image Consulting. After completing the course, I do believe that FSI was the right fit for me."

"The Image Consulting Course was formatted in a simple and easy to understand way. Every module consisted of loads of relevant material that I simply could not get enough of! I felt as if I've gained more than enough knowledge on Image Consulting to be successful in this career and I know my future clients will benefit from this education. I am grateful that this course also included bonus material to aid me in all of my business endeavors."

"I truly felt that FSI cared about me individually and my future success. There was also an emphasis on connecting with other students through the online portal to help support and encourage one another, which is something that I feel sets FSI apart in their business. The instructors in this course were extremely helpful and patient whenever I had a question or needed assistance and always provided quick and friendly feedback, which I am so grateful for."

"Thank you for helping me making my dream come true!

"Bravo! As a person who has been in higher and adult education for over 15 years as both a creator and educator, I must congratulate you on an extremely effective and comprehensive course."

"It was enlightening to learn about color, proportion, balance, emphasis, body and facial shapes. These are just a few of the many areas that were thoroughly covered and clearly and elegantly presented in the course. I now have the tools to more fully serve my clients."

Professional Certification Courses offered at include:

    • Image Consultant 

      Certification course awarding professional certification (CIC). This course offers skills training in fashion, style and image. If you already consult, have clients, need to brush up on your skill set or are in need of advancing the services you already offer then this course takes you to the professional level. Ideal for industry pros (hair, makeup, aesthetics, apparel sales, stylists) seeking to expand by offering a full range of image, style and fashion services. No experience necessary but a passion for fashion and of being of service helps.

    • Fashion Stylist 

      Fashion styling is a complex and competitive field. If your goal is to work with models, photographers, fashion designers, creative directors or editors, this course will prepare you by giving you both the basics of fashion styling and the creative eye to succeed in the fashion world. You’ll learn the foundations of fashion styling as well as how to identify historic fashion references, how to create style plans for high-profile and celebrity clients, how to style private clients, how to style specifically for films, and how to draw and illustrate your concepts and how to tell a style story. 

    • Fashion Blogger 

      As image, style and fashion consultants, we are always looked to for our expertise. What better way to disseminate our tips, tools and techniques than by writing about them? What the fashion industry needs are people who can tap into the world as it is today—innovative thinkers who can make the leap into the new millennium and figure out how to solve old problems in a new way. Blogs are a new and powerful tool for original thinkers "in-dwellers" with fresh ideas to disseminate information to the millions of people who are struggling to figure out how to do a plethora of different things.  Study today to become a certified fashion blogger and take your business to a whole other level!

    • Fashion Trend Consultant 

      In this information packed course discover how local trends seen on the streets of the world’s capitals make their way globally into fashion design and production, how to take trend information and turn it into a money making service for your clients via seminars, Power Point® productions, videos, color trend reports and more. Discover how trend reporting helps drive the fashion industry and how you can benefit from trend knowledge by applying trend information to services you offer your client. Learn how to identify what’s currently in fashion, what’s going to be in fashion and what’s no longer fashionable. You’ll discover how to help your clients achieve up to date information on fashion ebbs and flows. Whether trend-spotting, future casting or trend analyzing this program will boost your reporting skills (written and oral). 

    • Makeup Consultant 

      Most successful makeovers happen when a client’s face is fierce. Learning how to apply makeup puts a consultant into the next level of consulting. Whether you are studying to increase your service offerings to clients or starting your own business as a makeup consultant this course prepares and certifies you for a very exciting career. We at FSI train our consultants to have a business of their own, to be able to provide services to clients and to earn more money. Are you ready to be in the business of full face makeovers? What you learn in this course should bring you years of rewarding experiences. The transformations you help make in your client’s lives will be remembered by them forever. By the way - No DVD's, no CD's, no messy paperwork to download. You enroll and immediately start training in the hottest career niche today. All materials included.

    • Personal Shopper 

      Our retail course will train you to start your own personal shopper consulting business and work with retail and manufacturing companies in the fashion arena. Retail management and merchandising are very specific skills, and we’ll give you a strong foundation as well as a step-by-step guide to developing a client base, consulting with individual clients and working with specific products AND shopping online. Learn how to select the ideal fashion for your clients using shopping modules and online resources. 

    • Visual Brand Consultant  

      Just as companies and products carefully manage their brand, individuals can manage their wardrobe and appearance in order to make a great first, second, third and permanent impression. Certify as a Visual Brand Consultant to help clients become more empowered around their image. Whether the ultimate branding goal is to be perceived as intelligent, studious, successful or creative (or virtually any other positive attribute), this course gives you ultimate control in brand messaging your client.

      Previously called “Business Image Consulting” - this certification program will teach you how to craft an individual brand message and a signature look for clients in the work force, how to evolve a style personality, how to manage wardrobe choices accordingly, and how to ensure proper fit and styling for a consistent and appropriate public image. Course includes modules on non-verbal, verbal, physical and emotional communication. We teach you to guide the visual brand of your future clients with real skills and insider knowledge.

    • Wardrobe Consultant 

      This professional certification course was developed to train you to help others learn how to successfully use what they already own and look good in their own clothes! Optionally those who are pursuing Wardrobe Styling as a career will benefit from the modules and tutorials relating to photo shoots, fashion shows, blogging and line-sheet planning. 

    • Image Stylist Professional 

      Our most popular course offers you advanced, multiple skills training in fashion, style, image, color, wardrobe and shopping. These are the important building blocks of an IMAGE STYLIST PROFESSIONAL. Learn the fundamentals of fashion, fashion history, client consulting techniques, color analysis, personal shopping and wardrobe styling. This course covers advanced consulting basics that the novice consultant can learn. If you are experienced as a fashion consultant you will also benefit from the professional modules of color analysis, wardrobe and closet editing and professional shopping methods.

    • Fashion Show Producer 

      Fashion shows are an important component in the career of a fashion fan.  We attend them, we view them, and we anxiously await their appearance at fashion week.  The fashion show is the penultimate event for a fashion designer, showcasing their ideas, hard work, brand message and artistic abilities.  If you are a fashion, image and style professional seeking to expand your service base then adding the certification as a fashion show event producer to your resumé is critical.  This is a career that can make you a success and earn you a good living. And, it’s fun! Whether you start small with regional or local shows held in a boutique or as a fund raiser or produce a big catwalk show for a client, this course will train you to handle both small and large events. 

    • Men's Image Consultant 

      Train as a Men's Image Consultant and grow your business even more. Menswear is one of the fastest growing on-line shopping categories according to Women's Wear Daily. The reason is because men are becoming savvier about dressing well and are taking ownership of their wardrobes and style. In this course the student learns how to do a professional and complete ten step consultation and to begin practicing consulting with male clients.

    • Virtual Personal Stylist

      Also known as the Digital Fashion Stylist, a Virtual Personal Stylist is one who consults with clients virtually in a digital space. She is the liaison and advocate between online services and shopping sites for her clients. She works together with the client, who is in her home or office, in an online forum, such as Zoom, to advise her on wardrobe curation, closet edits, shopping choices and she provides professional styling, image and fashion advice at the same time.

      This course trains the working consultant to provide a unique online service to a client. Using the tools of technology and online communication learn how to build relationships, start a consultation, offer best practices, and key advice to help transform your client’s image, closet, shopping experiences and more.

      The CVPS course is ten courses in one. The lessons throughout each course train the student on the basic, intermediate, and advanced tracks toward professional certification. The goal of the training is to be ready to start consulting immediately after graduation and to begin taking paid clients while virtually consulting on style, body shape, visual personality, wardrobe, shopping, color, hairstyle, makeup, and group consults.