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Are you ready to Master a new skill? Improve your existing image or fashion consulting business?

This is FSI's newest, biggest and most demanded course and we are excited to be offering it at an entry level price. 

Master level instructional video, audio and interactive lessons train you on how to craft best images for personal, executive, celebrity and famous clients. Learn about visual presentation in all its forms from visual to non-verbal to psychological. Be informed about methods of presentation and the meaning of color in appearance. Learn and implement the techniques, skills and knowledge that master level consultants require to perform consultations and give advice to paying clientele.  Receive extensive reviews of fashion, fashion design, the fashion industry and the relationship of these to client consulting. Lessons include in-depth reviews of the client, (both personal and professional levels), the steps of professional style, color, shopping, wardrobe, non-verbal communication AND visual branding consultations and then discover how to add optional services to further grow your business. Entire course is structured to prepare a consultant for master level client services and there is also a bonus business start up course included.



Here is the course outline:

Welcome and Begin Orientation Class
Welcome to your new learning experience! In this Master Class you will learn the spectrum of techniques needed to provide master level consulting to clients. Course welcome, how eLearning works, meet your instructor, set your profile, review the portal, practice netiquette, join a group to network.
Articles, Resources and Libraries
Your security settings, avoiding pop up blockers, setting your email, joining a group, your best profile and biography details, meet your friends, find your resources etc.
How We Certify You Video Session
Multiple video and seminar review of: Learning Outcomes, CEU’s, course objectives, standards in online learning, your course structure and curriculum.
Master Image Consultant 101
Master level instructional video, audio and interactive lessons introduce the learner to the elements and principles of image consulting. Outlines the techniques, skills and knowledge a master consultant needs to perform consultations and give advice to paying clientele. Extensive review of fashion, fashion design, the fashion industry and the relationship of these to client consulting. Lessons include in-depth reviews of the client, both personal and professional levels, the steps of the professional consultation, adding optional services and growing your business. Entire course is structured to prepare a consultant for master level client services.
Socio Psychological Influences: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Video section reviews the influence of fashion on consumer behavior. Study includes: Body image, Clothing symbols, Impression formation, Impression management, Nonverbal communication, Person perception communication model, Personality, Self-image, Stereotypes, Traits and Values.
Cultural Influences: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
An understanding of culture on choice in clothing and items of adornment is important for both individual and fashion professionals. Video section reviews the influence of culture on consumer behavior. Study includes: Adornment, Aesthetic, Androgynous, Culture, Diaspora, Diffusion, Ethnic Identity, Gender, Modesty, Protection, Psychological need, Rites of passage, Socio-cultural needs.
Physical Influences: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Video section reviews how the physical influences what we wear. Study includes: Balanced silhouette, Body proportion, Body Types (Wedge i.e.: Inverted Triangle, Triangle, Hourglass, Rectangle), Carotene, Cosmetics, Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph, Hair, Keratin, Melanin, Muscles, Nails, Skin, Somatotype.
Design Elements - Line
Video section reviews the Design Elements – Space, Shape, Form And Line. Study includes: Angular Shape, Curved line, Curved shape, Decorative line, Dominant line, Elements of design –Form, Hairstyle, Line, Shape, Space, Straight line, Silhouette and more.
Design Elements - Color: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Color, color theory, color combining. Video section reviews the color theories and color analysis. Study includes: Achromatic (color harmony), Analogous (color harmony), Chroma, Color, Contrasting (color harmony), Cool hues, Dominant color types, Dimensions of color, Hue, Monochromatic, Primary colors, Secondary colors, Triad (color harmony), Value, Warm hues and more.
Design Elements Texture: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Video section reviews fabric, texture principles. Study includes: Understanding draping, Fabric, Fashion fabric, Fibers, Finish, Hand Harmony, Proportion, Tactile qualities, Tailoring, Texture, Yarns.
Fashion Design Principles: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Concepts of design, fashion design decisions and design vocabulary are among the topics covered. Video section reviews important design principles – Study includes: Applied design, Balance, Design, Emphasis, Formal Balance, Harmony, Informal Balance, Progression, Proportion, Radial Balance, Rhythm, Structural Design, Unity.
Clothing Fit and Function: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Fit, tailoring, sizing guidelines and size categories are just some of the topics studied here. Study includes: Design ease, Drop, Ease, Fit (Men’s and Women’s), Fit models, Grain, Rise, Tailoring, Wearing ease, sizing categories.
Wardrobe Strategies: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Editing, curating, shopping and planning the wardrobe. Clothing budget, clothing selection, wardrobe planning and accessory purchasing are discussed and dissected. Video section reviews strategies used in managing client wardrobes. Study includes: Accessory Basics, Bridge jewelry, Business casual dress, Cost per outfit formula, Cost per wearing formula, Costume jewelry, Everyday casual wear, Extras, Fashion personality, Fine jewelry, Traditional business dress, Wardrobe planning.
Basic Apparel Style Terms
Over 150 core silhouettes, clothing styles and details reviewed in video format and pronunciation. Core terms for any fashion student preparing for exams. Fashion professionals need an understanding of these core terms to practice as consultants.
Visual Brand Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Key components in visual style, executive image, powerful gestures. Visual Branding is a way for executives and public figures to create an unforgettable image message. Video review introduces concepts of the power of image and appearance, power messaging, creating a strong visual signature. Case studies of executives before and after included.
Visual Brand Part 2
Visual Brand Course Part 2 - lessons include Identify Body Type (Both Vertical And Horizontal), Identify Coloring (Warm Or Cool Undertone), Identify Best Clothing Lines (Curved Or Angled), Identify Proportion (Long Or Short Waist, Legs Etc.), Take “Before” Photos, Determine Brand Position Statement, Identify Fashion Style Personality, Choose One Signature Brand Identifier.
Mastering Visual Style Personality and Brand Messages
Review concepts of visual style definition, Understand the need for a visual image and brand message, Identify importance of visual image and style to clients, Prepare consultation session with clients, Practice ten steps of the visual style consultation, Administer style quiz and identification of clothing message, Review the benefits of identifying a style personality, Understand the attributes of basic personality types, Find a signature style name for the client, Create a style collage for oneself, Identify all ten of the dominant and modern visual style types.
Visual Style Personality Quiz Tutorial
Prepare Style Quiz in consultation with clients, Administer multiple client quizzes, Identify authentic image versus perceived image, Process client goals for appearance needs, Review hairstyle examples, Review makeup examples, Review lifestyle clothing examples, Determine ten distinct style themes for individual clothing personality, Identify each distinct personality and its back story, color jewelry, accessory, shoe, makeup and hair style, Complete the identification and analysis feedback process.
Visual Image Spectrum Audio Video
Describe Six modern images (Power, Creative, Conservative, Appropriate, Gentle, Feminine), Outline visual image spectrum options for clients, Process correct identification for individual client style, Review the style directives and clothing coordinates for each image message, Review categories of modern style options and sub-categories of themed dressing.
The Psychological Messages of Colors
Color Studies: learn colors on the modern color wheel to discover positive, negative and psychological messages in apparel color choices. Understanding color names and the color wheel organization, Review the psychological meaning of 22 popular clothing colors, Determine client’s favorite colors and guide her toward appropriate messaging, Understand both the negative and positive messages of clothing colors.
Mastering Visual Style Course Recap
Recap materials, course, notes to prep for final exam, Confirming Your Authentic Fashion Personality, Defining Your Style Personality, Action Plan – set up the client for successful dressing skills, FASHION STYLE PERSONALITY SCALE©, How to Create Polyvore Collages Instructional Video
How to Measure, Fit and Proportion
Instructor led video demonstrating principles of proportion, fit, cut, tailoring, styling. Steps for creating a visually perfect outfit, the Golden Mean in fashion coordination and harmony of design. Students learn important concepts of proportioning clothing, matching hairstyles to facial shape, fit principles and focal points. The ABC’s of the client measurement session are reviewed in this course section.
How to Coordinate, Mix and Match Fashion
Master class in styling - how to coordinate fashion combinations of print, texture, pattern and color. Includes video instructions and tutorials on combining three, four and more prints and patterns to achieve "high styling" mastery. 133 page manual is included "How to Coordinate Fashion"
Video Hub
Multiple video how-to's are available for further training. Style basics such as how to dress, style and wear fashion, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup.
How to Identify Facial Shape and Hairstyles
How to measure, determine and verify the correct facial shape. Then discover how to choose appropriate hairstyles for each facial shape. Video tutorials teach how to identify “lines” in facial features, determine scale of facial proportions that influence hair style. Quiz practice included.
Non Verbal Communication Class
Training module for Non Verbal Communication consultations. This session reviews how to process a professional non verbal communication session with clients utilizing over 35 message points on image, manners, etiquette, style, posture and more. Students learn the importance of this messaging system in modern culture and work environments. Built in quizzes review essential, non-verbal messaging and communication challenges clients may or may not be aware of.
Color Analysis: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
This course gives the consultant professional "enterprise training" and graduates can start consulting immediately. The Color Analysis course is based on industry standards and professional curriculum for the study of color and color analysis as it pertains to skin tone. Self-paced instructional video, audio, tools, resources, online links and ebooks to study. Students have access to each class within the course for up to 12 weeks. This section offers the training kits for the important components of the course.
Color Analysis: Course Part 2
How to precisely define a client’s underlying skin coloring. To successfully determine cool or warm dimensions in skin coloration. To accurately analyze low, medium or high degree (contrast) in skin color. Conduct an initial ten step color consultation with new clients.
Color Analysis Course Part 3
Further training in Color Analysis - Steps 6 through 10. Discover How to Mix RGB Primary Colors to Identify Skin Tone, temperature and Undertone. Draping process detailed. Create add on services for clients such as closet editing, personal shopping and makeup sessions.
How to Identify Inherent Color - VideoTutorial
Visually identify inherent colors for clients using provided software (free download). This tutorial breaks down the steps to take to create a photo, upload it and identify inherent colors in eye color. For use in identifying correct clothing and accessory colors as well.
Color Course Quiz
Online exam to test student’s absorption of the course training. 25 true/ false, multiple choice, mix and match and two essay questions. Scoring is standard from A to F (fail). Passing score must be 80% or higher.
Wardrobe Stylist: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Extensive lessons on wardrobe editing, curating, styling, organizing for the individual client. Course includes structured lessons and training for professional wardrobe consultants choosing to work with industry professionals in photo styling, fashion design, photography, TV and commercials.
Personal Shopper: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Learn how professional shoppers work, either on-line, direct sales, commissioned or salaried. Modules teach to the shopper working with clients in need of extensive preparation for purchasing items. Learn about modules, planners, shopping grids, department store layouts, boutiques, specialty shops and fashion designers. Be a well informed master consultant able to give expert advice in shopping to clients.
Technology Resources Tutorial
Discover online fashion apps and resources to use in your Master Level consulting practice. Step by step guided training for Polyvore, Issuu, DailyMakeover and more. Students are now enrolled into e-Learning Studio to complete their own makeover and to understand the makeover process at all levels.
Your Personal Style
Develop a fashion mission statement that shows how you want others to perceive you, and that includes the basic clothing pieces to help you achieve this. Prepare a budget worksheet for a clothing resource evaluation. Describe the five fashion personality types, sporty, romantic, classic, dramatic, and natural. Identify celebrities who fit each fashion personality. Categorize dress classifications suitable for each personality type. Evaluate a lifestyle that corresponds to each fashion personality type. Select hairstyles and accessory items for each fashion personality type. Complete a lifestyle evaluation chart. eBook and online Studio study provided.
Your Personality Traits
Discover personality traits that are consistent with your behavior. Define demographically who you are. Discuss values and beliefs that are important to you. Categorize findings about yourself into a specific target market. Identify clothing stores that match your target market. Compare generation clothing characteristics to your own findings. Analyze your lifestyle evaluation chart. eBook and online Studio study provided.
Your Fashion Personality
Examine your closet from a fashion personality point of view. Sort clothing in your closet from the three-part closet evaluation perspective. Identify a favorite clothing charity or institution to which you can give away discarded clothing items. Prepare clothing items in need of alterations to take to a tailor, and know how to find and what to ask of a tailor that suits your needs. Select and analyze items you will wear and place them back in the closet in an orderly fashion. List ideal closet hardware and extras needed to complete your ideal closet exercise. eBook and online Studio study provided.
Your Body Type
Identify and define the four major body types for women. List three additional body types for women identified by body measurements. Carry out the body type tracing exercise to identify body type. Define proportion and its relationship to body types. Carry out the body links proportion exercise. List the characteristics of an ideal proportion body type using the golden mean ratio of 3:5:8. Identify clothing types suitable for each body type. eBook and online Studio study provided.
Your Wardrobe
Regarding fit; define the word style. Define the word fit. List the tips to accurate clothing fit. Identify the bust, waist and hip measurements for women's, women's petite, and women's plus sizes. Regarding color; list the color seasons and its relationship to clothing choices. Recognize the colors on the color wheel and the terminology associated with the colors on the wheel. Demonstrate the color draping technique. Regarding fabrics; compare and contrast the differences between natural and man-made fabrics. List the basic fabric characteristics and its relationship to individual clothing choices. Regarding quality; comprehend The difference between excellent, good, and poor quality clothing. Compute the cost per wearing formula. Regarding style; be aware of the variety of clothing styles available and how it relates to each individual body type. Define the word emphasis and understand its relationship with style. Care; recognize care labels and the requirements for proper clothing care. eBook and online Studio study provided.
Your Cluster Plan
Define the cluster concept. Complete a lifestyle analysis to begin the cluster process. Identify one main piece in your wardrobe to begin your first cluster. Examine your closet to review additional items that will round out your cluster. Complete the cluster worksheet based on clothing items chosen for your first cluster. Review additional clothing items for possible additional clusters. Compare and contrast fashion personalities with cluster building concepts. eBook and online Studio study provided.
Undergarments and Foundation Styles
Identify the bras that are part of an essential bra wardrobe. Compare the variety of underwear available for perfect clothing presence. Recognize optional body shapers available to women of all shapes and sizes. Identify slips and liner options available to all women. Evaluate the variety of hosiery options available. eBook and online Studio study provided.
Accessory Styles
Define the word accessory and its usage with style and wardrobe planning. List the current trends in all categories of accessories. Categorize accessory styles into essential and trend items. eBook and online Studio study provided.
Shopping Formats
Discuss various types of retail store formats. List clothing items needed to complete wardrobe clusters. Identify wardrobe journal components listing each of your personal wardrobe selection factors. Recite the best places to shop online for unique categories of clothing. Prepare and pack a simple and complete travel wardrobe. Shop globally like a celebrity. Research fashion from a global perspective. eBook and online Studio study provided.
Complete Your Personal Style Journal
Compare and contrast total looks for each of the body types, hourglass, rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, round. Compare and contrast total books for each of the fashion personalities. establish personal style techniques and criteria for each of the fashion personalities. Complete your own personal style journal. eBook and online Studio study provided.
Student Project - Define Your Niche Market
Students discover a powerful method toward identifying their niche market within this industry. Graded assignment offers key feedback to motivate students toward professional consultant status. A great way to define their business goal.
Quiz Review and Quiz
Online exam to test student’s absorption of the course training. 25 true/ false, multiple choice, mix and match and two essay questions. Scoring is standard from A to F (fail). Passing score must be 80% or higher.
Bonus Course: Starting Your Image Business
The most important part of any successful business is a strong foundation. We want you to succeed so provide you with this intensely focused course on business start up. Lessons include how to start, what structure your business should be, working with agencies such as the Small Business Administration, setting up your studio, website and social media accounts, how to market and promote your services and skills...plus much more!
Course ending checkout paperwork
All students completing the course are required to submit a brief feedback testimonial about their experience with the course. Click the link below for instructions and sample. Students also must complete a Participant Training Evaluation form prior to completing the course to earn their CEU's and/ or ILU's.
Exit Instructions
All students completing the course are required to submit brief feedback about their experience with the course. Instructions reviewed.
ZIP Graduate Resource Documents
Online library of downloadable resources, forms, eBooks and supportive material to help the new graduate build a strong business.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Award CEU Statement