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Graduate feedback about this course:

"The Makeup Consultant Certification course was amazing. In spite of that it's online but I felt as if I attended the school face-to-face. The video lecture was easy to understand and I got a lot of materials which are really effective. The course is not only educational but also very practical. I could learn not only the technique but also a lot of business ideas that I can adapt to my business. You are not only a teacher but also a great mentor." Akiko, Certified Makeup Consultant


Here is the course outline:

Welcome and Begin Orientation Class
Welcome to FSI. In your first orientation videos you discover how eLearning works, you'll meet your instructor, set your profile and add a head-shot. Then you'll complete your bio and tell us about yourself, review the portal (or take a campus tour). First timers get a video introduction to the FSI portal and its powerful utilities such as networking groups, forums, wikis and blogs. Click play button to start the video intro.
How We Certify You Video Session
Video Orientation - How to access the on demand learning portal to begin your study. Video reviews important instructions regarding access, passwords, structure of curriculum, schedule of quizzes and learning objectives. Credit earning protocols are reviewed - the CEU, ILU and TH's. Learner prepares to enter class.
Resource Library Access
How to locate your digital course resources, study materials and ancillary white papers. Instructions you need on: How to re-set passwords, receive and send emails and setting up your personal preferences (notifications, lists, news feeds, social media links etc.). How to gain access to your ten course books and additional purchase options explained (ebook+studio or eBook+studio+hardcover). Discover where and how to find archives and terminology lists and how to open online notes and ebook text. (it's pretty easy, don't be scared)!
Students are oriented to the online portal, their discussions groups, friend requests and instructor contacts. In this introduction we review the objectives for this course, about makeup as an industry, licenses, career options for the skilled makeup consultant, online portfolio examples, additional links are provided for you to explore ideas and resources such as key definitions, the evolution of makeup, Pinterest boards and weblinks.
Part 1
Before we get to the HOW of makeup application let’s take a look at skin basics. In this section we begin reviewing skin, its underlying components of the dermis, epidermis, bone and muscle structure, complexion color and skin types to give the student the understanding of the basic foundation of the structure of the face. Quiz and essay submission with 85% passing rate.
Part 2
In Part 2 we review the skin and its external properties, review color theory, the color wheel, skin color, undertone of warm and cool temperature. Students discover how to use online color apps to determine inherent color, view video tutorials: how to mix paint colors to achieve custom foundation shades, start the process of creating custom color palettes for clients. Quiz and essay submission with 85% passing rate.
Part 3
Beginning your makeup consulting business with a firm foundation is the overall focus and goal of this section. In Part 3 students learn the following topics: how to prepare your work space or station, tools needed, all makeup products to purchase, 15 brush types, (their exact application effects and uses), start up supplies needed from forms to kits and bags, sanitation and cleanliness procedures, your professional image, effective communication style, define a consulting style, and then begin the preparation and documentation for the consult with the client. Quiz and essay submission with 85% passing rate.
How to Identify Facial Shape and Hairstyles
How to measure, determine and verify the correct facial shape. Then discover how to choose appropriate hairstyles for each facial shape. Video tutorials teach how to identify “lines” in facial features, determine scale of facial proportions that influence hair style. Quiz practice included.
Part 4
Part 4 we review all the steps of the classic ten steps of makeup application and how to camouflage or enhance features on the clients face. In the hair and face shape tutorial students learn all the facial shapes and how to identify each one. Hairstyles to flatter those shapes was also reviewed. 40 videos capture each step of the process, detailing techniques, brush work and application tricks. Project, quiz and essay submission with 85% passing rate.
Part 5
Training modules include: how to achieve artistically ideal proportions and features. Understand vertical and horizontal proportion in face shape analysis, using corrective makeup, shadowing, contouring, highlighting and lowlighting, demonstrate contouring the face through shadowing and highlighting, and minimize facial features that are unflattering. Review of eye shape and how to correct misshaped eyes. Review varying lip and eye shapes and how to correct misshaped, how to use corrective makeup procedures to re-shape a face, forehead or chin. Project, quiz and essay submission with 85% passing rate.
Part 6
The sessions for Part 6 include: Understand Bridal Makeup, Learn technique for Barely There Application, Learn technique for Natural Makeup Look, Learn technique for Fast Five Minute Makeup, for Evening Out Look, Smokey Eye techniques, for Bronzed and Sunny makeup, technique for Striking Contour and Dramatic Looks, Learn about false eyelashes, Review how to apply single and band lashes (Ten Steps for Eyelash Application), the tools you will need, and methods for removing false lashes. Quiz and essay submission with 85% passing rate.
Part 7
In Part 7 we review special populations from young skin to mature and how to apply makeup to suit these age groups. Review the makeup tips for every age group, grooming review, skin care basics, makeup looks for mature women, how to correct eyebrow shapes for the mature woman, how to correct lipstick shapes for the mature woman, review successful makeover examples of before and after for groups including mature makeup clients. Quiz and essay submission with 85% passing rate.
Part 8
In Part 8 we complete the makeup session steps, take an in depth look at the different ways you can earn money - from direct sales marketing a makeup line to stocking your own studio (all wholesale catalogs are provided). We review setting up an online portfolio. Recap video of all ten steps in the classic makeup application, review the importance of taking before and after photos, review any worksheets with the client, how to introduce your product range during the session, why schedule a follow up or another appointment (for shopping to a makeup counter) and assess your session/ evaluate yourself. Quiz and essay submission with 85% passing rate.
Part 9
In Part 9 we process into the finer points of setting up your business - from the design of your space to your product line, stocking up and setting up. Along the way you gain access to important resources, links to additional knowledge, websites and tools. Discuss earning potential and fees to charge for the makeup consultant, detail setting up your portfolio and using it in your consults, complete a video review of a makeup stylist and team as they travel the world, explore various ways to sell product from direct sales to sales repping, examine stocking your studio with quality product. And, we set you up further for success with an intensive Business Start Up course after you have completed this one (at no charge to you). Quiz and essay submission with 85% passing rate.
Self Review Final Project
Self analysis and review of makeup application on a client. Instructions to follow. This final project challenges the student to complete a full ten step makeup application. A Face Kit with all makeup needed is provided to the student. Quiz and essay submission with 85% passing rate.
To qualify for certification as a Makeup Consultant students must pass their final with an 85% score. Cumulative scores are impacted by projects and essay submission. Group projects and case studies included. The goal is to test the student on makeup techniques and application skills sets. This required test consists of ten steps for an application process of the students choice including supportive photographs or collages.
Pre-Certification Survey
Students are required to take an online survey to test if the required learning outcomes for the course and the learner expectations have been met. Feedback is provided.
ZIP Graduate Resource Documents
Collection of customizable business forms graduates can use in their new business. Client consult forms, intake questionnaires, trend reports, client instructional manuals and more. Zip file.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Award CEU Statement


Annie Goni-Stewart


Akiko Sarah Takata-Magno

"In spite of that it's online but I felt as if I attended the school face-to-face. The video lecture was easy to understand and effective. I could learn not only the technique but also a lot of business ideas that I can adapt to my business. Thank you for providing an amazing course!"