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Graduate feedback about this course: 

Dear Ms. Armour, I was looking around for an image consultant course to add on to my portfolio as a makeup trainer. Every other institutes that offer related courses were charging exorbitant fees regardless of whether it was done on campus or online. I count my blessings that I came across the Fashion Stylist Institute website. I was so happy to be able to find a course that gives me proper certification and yet is so affordable. The modules of this power image consultant course is simple, very easy to understand and extremely detailed. The notes given are extremely useful too. I am really grateful that you have made the course so affordable for an aspiring image consultant like me. Thank you, Audrie Poh, Certified Power Image Consultant, Singapore


"I work in recruitment and have a strong passion for event planning in particular wedding planning, and have undertaken various avenues of study through university, in the form of external study. After coming across the Fashion Stylist Institute I decided that an image consulting course would tie in well with both my interests and qualifications. Because of these interests, I feel that my recruitment background and qualifications made the course easier to relate to. Due to my familiarity with online study and my level of tertiary education, the course was not hard to adapt to as the layout and navigation of the study was very familiar and comparable with other online courses that I have completed. The course resources in which students were provided with prior and during the course were very helpful and assisted greatly with the online learning experience. Despite completing the course externally in Australia and there being a significant time difference, the team at FSI were always available and willing to help when needed and responded to queries promptly. The course helped me to understand the key concepts and importance that image portrays in our society, allowing me to now guide my clients on a journey towards corporate confidence and success." Kind Regards, Simone, Certified Power Image Consultant, Australia


Here is the course outline:

Welcome and Begin Orientation Class
Course welcome, how eLearning works, meet your instructor, set your profile, review the portal, practice netiquette.
Articles, Resources and Libraries
Your security settings, avoiding pop up blockers, setting your email, joining a group, your best profile and biography details, meet your friends, find your resources etc.
How We Certify You Video Session
Multiple video and seminar review of: Learning Outcomes, CEU’s, course objectives, standards in online learning, your course structure and curriculum.
Power Image: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Video and instructional modules: What is a Personal Brand? How does Power Image differ from "image" - review the intricacies of visual and non-verbal power appearance, brand identity and executive messaging. Explore careers such as Power Presentation Expert, Executive Appearance Coach or Human Resources specialist to increase business opportunities for image and style consultants.
Socio Psychological Influences: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Video section reviews the influence of fashion on consumer behavior. Study includes: Body image, Clothing symbols, Impression formation, Impression management, Nonverbal communication, Person perception communication model, Personality, Self-image, Stereotypes, Traits and Values.
Cultural Influences: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
An understanding of culture on choice in clothing and items of adornment is important for both individual and fashion professionals. Video section reviews the influence of culture on consumer behavior. Study includes: Adornment, Aesthetic, Androgynous, Culture, Diaspora, Diffusion, Ethnic Identity, Gender, Modesty, Protection, Psychological need, Rites of passage, Socio-cultural needs.
Physical Influences: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Video section reviews how the physical influences what we wear. Study includes: Balanced silhouette, Body proportion, Body Types (Wedge i.e.: Inverted Triangle, Triangle, Hourglass, Rectangle), Carotene, Cosmetics, Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph, Hair, Keratin, Melanin, Muscles, Nails, Skin, Somatotype.
Design Elements - Line
Video section reviews the Design Elements – Space, Shape, Form And Line. Study includes: Angular Shape, Curved line, Curved shape, Decorative line, Dominant line, Elements of design –Form, Hairstyle, Line, Shape, Space, Straight line, Silhouette and more.
Design Elements - Color: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Color, color theory, color combining. Video section reviews the color theories and color analysis. Study includes: Achromatic (color harmony), Analogous (color harmony), Chroma, Color, Contrasting (color harmony), Cool hues, Dominant color types, Dimensions of color, Hue, Monochromatic, Primary colors, Secondary colors, Triad (color harmony), Value, Warm hues and more.
Design Elements Texture: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Video section reviews fabric, texture principles. Study includes: Understanding draping, Fabric, Fashion fabric, Fibers, Finish, Hand Harmony, Proportion, Tactile qualities, Tailoring, Texture, Yarns.
Fashion Design Principles: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Concepts of design, fashion design decisions and design vocabulary are among the topics covered. Video section reviews important design principles – Study includes: Applied design, Balance, Design, Emphasis, Formal Balance, Harmony, Informal Balance, Progression, Proportion, Radial Balance, Rhythm, Structural Design, Unity.
Clothing Fit and Function: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Fit, tailoring, sizing guidelines and size categories are just some of the topics studied here. Study includes: Design ease, Drop, Ease, Fit (Men’s and Women’s), Fit models, Grain, Rise, Tailoring, Wearing ease, sizing categories.
Wardrobe Strategies: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Editing, curating, shopping and planning the wardrobe. Clothing budget, clothing selection, wardrobe planning and accessory purchasing are discussed and dissected. Video section reviews strategies used in managing client wardrobes. Study includes: Accessory Basics, Bridge jewelry, Business casual dress, Cost per outfit formula, Cost per wearing formula, Costume jewelry, Everyday casual wear, Extras, Fashion personality, Fine jewelry, Traditional business dress, Wardrobe planning.
Basic Apparel Style Terms
Over 150 core silhouettes, clothing styles and details reviewed in video format and pronunciation. Core terms for any fashion student preparing for exams. Fashion professionals need an understanding of these core terms to practice as consultants.
How to Measure, Fit and Proportion
Instructor led video demonstrating principles of proportion, fit, cut, tailoring, styling. Steps for creating a visually perfect outfit, the Golden Mean in fashion coordination and harmony of design. Students learn important concepts of proportioning clothing, matching hairstyles to facial shape, fit principles and focal points. The ABC’s of the client measurement session are reviewed in this course section.
How to Identify Facial Shape and Hairstyles
How to measure, determine and verify the correct facial shape. Then discover how to choose appropriate hairstyles for each facial shape. Video tutorials teach how to identify “lines” in facial features, determine scale of facial proportions that influence hair style. Quiz practice included.
How to Coordinate, Mix and Match Fashion
Master class in styling - how to coordinate fashion combinations of print, texture, pattern and color. Includes video instructions and tutorials on combining three, four and more prints and patterns to achieve "high styling" mastery. 133 page manual is included "How to Coordinate Fashion"
Video Hub
Multiple video how-to's are available for further training. Style basics such as how to dress, style and wear fashion, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup.
Non Verbal Communication Class
Training module for Non Verbal Communication consultations. This session reviews how to process a professional non verbal communication session with clients utilizing over 35 message points on image, manners, etiquette, style, posture and more. Students learn the importance of this messaging system in modern culture and work environments. Built in quizzes reviews important non-verbal messaging and communication challenges clients may or may not be aware of.
Student Project - Define Your Niche Market
Students discover a powerful method toward identifying their niche market within this industry. Graded assignment offers key feedback to motivate students toward professional consultant status. A great way to define their business goal.
Quiz Review and Quiz
Online exam to test student’s absorption of the course training. 25 true/ false, multiple choice, mix and match and two essay questions. Scoring is standard from A to F (fail). Passing score must be 80% or higher.
Course ending checkout paperwork
All students completing the course are required to submit a brief feedback testimonial about their experience with the course. Click the link below for instructions and sample. Students also must complete a Participant Training Evaluation form prior to completing the course to earn their CEU's and/ or ILU's.
Exit Instructions
All students completing the course are required to submit brief feedback about their experience with the course. Instructions reviewed.
ZIP Graduate Resource Documents
Online library of downloadable resources, forms, eBooks and supportive material to help the new graduate build a strong business.
About Your Bonus Course - How to Start Your Business
Course available when you have completed all modules and course requirements. Take advantage of our business training course. This course sets you up to promote, market and grow your fashion, style or image business immediately. E-Book and important forms included. This is a bonus that opens when you complete your course and submit your final graduate listing. Your course access codes will be emailed to you when we receive your form submission. Move to the next modules and complete them in order to finish out your course.
Library Access - Articles, Resources and White Papers
Entire fashion library includes over 20 important scholarly articles on fashion, fashion history, fashion week, etc. free for download and off-line reading. Supplemental materials include free e-books, free fashion images and other research tools students can use to further their knowledge of fashion, style and image.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Award CEU Statement