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Graduate feedback about this course:

"The most valuable thing I learned is how to recommend appropriate styles of jewelry and accessories, based on clients facial shapes, inherent and supplemental colors. The course content provided useful knowledge and deeper understanding of jewelry and accessory styling." Yulia, Certified Accessory Stylist, Russia


"I would like to say that I thought this course would be a challenge, and it was, but in a great way - I was challenged to put into use what I was learning. I learned so much from the tutorials and videos. I know that this knowledge will help me with my work as a fashion stylist working with jewelry firms. I also do photography for my blog and the training on head-shape jewelry styling will be very helpful in my work. Thank you for a great course." Sylvia, Certified Accessory Stylist, USA


Here is the course outline:

Welcome and Begin Orientation Class
Course welcome, how eLearning works, meet your instructor, set your profile, review the portal, practice netiquette.
How We Certify You Video Session
Multiple video and seminar review of: Learning Outcomes, CEU’s, course objectives, standards in online learning, your course structure and curriculum.
Articles, Resources and Libraries
Your security settings, avoiding pop up blockers, setting your email, joining a group, your best profile and biography details, meet your friends, find your resources etc.
First Assignment: Complete 6 Outcomes
Opportunity to get comfortable with survey templates, students submit answers electronically and their initial learning skills are examined.
Intro and Styling Basics: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Training begins with the fundamentals of facial shape, facial lines, facial proportion and feature analysis. Subjects in audio and video tutorials include: Golden triangle, 5 Face, neck and shoulders, Focal points, Fit and Flatter, Understanding basic lines and figure types, Body to Face Shape Match, Angled Facial Shapes, Incorrect Necklines, Curved Facial Shape, Correct Necklines, Accessory Line, End Module Assignments
Analysis and Consulting Steps: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Self-paced instructional video, audio, tools, resources, online links and ebooks to study. Part 2 - Consulting Steps. The audio and video fundamental studies include: Intro –professional Jewelry and Accessory Stylists, Tools for consulting as a jewelry stylist, Consultation – Methodology of consulting process, Preparation and Draping Process, Taking Digital Photographs, Detailed Head and Face Measurements, Determining Golden Triangle, Determining Facial Shapes and Lines. Quiz to test / passing rate 80%
Facial Shapes and Hairstyles: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
How to measure, determine and verify the correct facial shape. Then discover how to choose appropriate hairstyles for each facial shape. Video tutorials teach how to identify “lines” in facial features, determine scale of facial proportions that influence hair style. Fundamental studies in audio/ video include: Oval Shape, Round Shape, Inverted Triangle Shape, Triangle Shape, Diamond Shape, Square Shape, Inherent and Supplemental Colors, Inherent Color, Supplementary Color, Facial marks, Best Colors, Skin and Hair Textures, Skin markers, Hair quality and texture, Texture visuals. Quiz practice included. Quiz pass rate must be 80% or more.
Accessory Styling Sessions: Course Lessons, Video, Interactive Methods
Building on prior tutorials this section rounds out the study of the fundamentals of Jewelry and Accessory Client Styling and includes modules on: Mature Faces, Scale of Features, Tip Sheets, Accessory Styling The Client, Best Styles Create Winning Impressions, Accessory Styles, How to Wear scarves, hats, glasses, wigs, necklines, Designer Jewels, Costume Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Trends and Fads, Shopping Resources, and more.
Student Project - Define Your Niche Market
Students discover a powerful method toward identifying their niche market within this industry. Graded assignment offers key feedback to motivate students toward professional consultant status. A great way to define their business goal.
Practice Your Skills Session
Fun and engaging the final project is an opportunity for the learner to display their new found skills in a creative individual or group project.
Final Project for Jewelry Accessory Stylist Course
Graded assignment. Students are tasked to style a set of jewelry and accessory components and submit for panel review and grading. All materials and resources provided.
Course ending checkout paperwork
All students completing the course are required to submit a brief feedback testimonial about their experience with the course. Click the link below for instructions and sample. Students also must complete a Participant Training Evaluation form prior to completing the course to earn their CEU's and/ or ILU's.
Library Access - Articles, Resources and White Papers
Student fashion library includes over scholarly articles on shoes, jewelry, vintage and accessories. Available for download and off-line reading. Supplemental materials include free e-books, free fashion images and other research tools students can use to further their knowledge of fashion, style and image.
ZIP Graduate Resource Documents
Online library of downloadable resources, forms, eBooks and supportive material to help the new graduate build a strong business.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Award CEU Statement


Xiaoliang Liu

"good start point"

Paraskevi Tsimopoulou


Kajal Lunkad

"Thanks for touching our lives and giving us the confidence to help our clients gain more confidence in themselves"

Akiko Sarah Takata-Magno

"This course is very valuable for my business and for me, too, personally. My favorite is the nine-step consultation. I could learn not only the technique but also a lot of business ideas that I can adapt to my business. Thank you for providing an amazing course!"

TaMisha Tene