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Graduate feedback about this course: 

I am a graduate with an engineering degree after which I went on to engineer people’s clothes and personal styles. With a family background invested in garment exports, it was no surprise that my passion was elegantly altered into the fashion industry. For the last seven years I have steered my Men’s fashion store as their style and fashion Director. With this experience I wanted to enhance my specialization and that’s how I landed myself at the Fashion Stylist Institute.com for a Certified Men's Image Consulting Course. I wanted to get a formal introduction/education on Image Consulting and what better than Gillian Armour's Certified Male Image Consultant Certification. Before this experience, I could say that I was ‘A Sheep without a Sheppard’. I had no understanding on how to go about with a consultation, although my years of experience helped me address clients. GA’s CMIC program taught me at a very concise and practical way to carry forward my consulting business. Armed with a portfolio of services for men's image consulting and the tailoring experience, I am able to package and present myself better. Furthermore, I think I am from those lucky few who managed to experience the new Ipad version with an interactive module. This helped me understand the manual better and more illustratively. Your presentation was crystal clear, leaving me with no doubt in my mind. Your certification has given me a formal introduction to men’s clothing and how to present myself to my clients. I now make a conscious effort with my etiquette, dressing style and non verbal communications. The ABCD of Image Consulting! Osman Razak, Certified Men's Image Consultant, India


For quite some time, I had been going through the various courses on image consultancy which are available online but the vast majority dedicated just a small portion of the syllabus to male clients. You can imagine how happy I was to come across the male image consultant course. It had the right mix of elements I was looking for - focus on male clients, comprehensive, and not too expensive. I found the content to be concise and to the point, and indeed very helpful. I would have liked more style tips in relation to the different body shapes but a lot of information is available on the net, so this was not much of a problem. Thank you for providing the course. I now feel confident enough to launch my services as a male image consultant. Best regards, Ludwig S., Malta


This is my second time utilizing your Institute for Image Consulting services and I must say once again it was a thorough experience that will definitely set me apart as a professional Male Image Consultant. The portal is very user-friendly, the course modules are very detailed with course information that is easy to understand, the response rate of professors are expedite and the amount of time given to finish the course is just right. There is no doubt that any potential or prospective student will leave this course well educated to the magnitude that they can use the skills independently or in their business. I have a few requests for Male Consulting even before I started this course and I am very confident that since the completion of this course, my knowledge and execution of a Male Consultation will be way beyond that of a store sales clerk. I am grateful for such a hard working and amazing opportunity and look forward to other courses with the Fashion Stylist Institute. Kind Regards, Atarah Samaroo,  Certified Image Consultant, Owner of A. Nichelle & Co. Image Consulting Services


Here is the course outline:

Welcome and Begin Orientation Class
Course welcome, how eLearning works, meet your instructor, set your profile, review the portal, practice netiquette.
How We Certify You Video Session
Multiple video and seminar review of: Learning Outcomes, CEU’s, course objectives, standards in online learning, your course structure and curriculum.
Articles, Resources and Libraries
Your security settings, avoiding pop up blockers, setting your email, joining a group, your best profile and biography details, meet your friends, find your resources etc.
First Assignment: Complete 6 Outcomes
Opportunity to get comfortable with survey templates, students submit answers electronically and their initial learning skills are examined.
Men's Image Consulting: Introduction to Male Image Consulting
Self-paced instructional video, audio, tools, resources, online links and e-books to study. Class reviews the Ten Steps of the Male Image Consultation, Initial Consult/ Client Intake + Budgets, Complete Photo Shoot (Before Head-shot) Process, Measure, Determine Body Type + Proportion, Determine Facial Shape + Scale, Review Body Language + Color Analysis. Students have access to each class within the course for up to 12 weeks. This section offers the training kits for the important components of the course. Graded essay: define your credo and core values for the business.
Men's Image Consulting: Part 2 Body Type Identification
This class components and training include: How to Process a Style Persona Session, Complete a Closet Edit, Wardrobe Style Edit and Curation, Pre-Shopping + The Shopping Trip, Style Tips for the Male Client, Professional Dress Code, Business Casual Messages etc. Students have access to each class within the course for up to 12 weeks. This section offers the training kits for the important components of the course. Quiz score = 80% passing rate.
Men's Image Consulting: Part 3 Identifying Proportion
This class includes detailed training: About Fit + Tailoring, Optional Consultations to Offer Clients, How To Test A Hairstyle And Facial Hair Sample Online, Using An Online Dressing Room Program, Men’s Wear Clothing Silhouettes, Forms + Size Charts Five Assignments. This section offers the training kits for the important components of the course. Body type, proportion, facial shapes, hairstyle and grooming are scheduled.
Men's Image Consulting: Part 4 Optional Consulting Services
Optional Services to offer the client include Non Verbal Communication Style , Closet Edits, Color Analysis, Grooming Consults and more. One Final Styling Assignment - students must complete a digital photograph/ styling project, FINAL PROJECT – Identify 12 mixed and matched coordinated outfits by description, include details and accessories.
Non Verbal Communication Class
Training module for Non Verbal Communication consultations. This session reviews how to process a professional non verbal communication session with clients utilizing over 35 message points on image, manners, etiquette, style, posture and more. Students learn the importance of this messaging system in modern culture and work environments. Quiz reviews important non-verbal messaging and communication challenges clients may or may not be aware of.
Men's Image Consulting: Color Tutorial
The Color Analysis Training is a crucial component in consulting with clients. Objectives include training the consultant in the ten steps of a color analysis.
Men's Image Consulting: Part 5 Dress, Style and Coordination Lessons
Lessons include how to coordinate appropriate silhouettes, line, proportion and clothing styles by body type.Courses include - Dressing the 5 body shapes, suggested outfits and coordinates, online style sites, practice essay, practice case study.
Men's Image Consulting: Part 6 Style Persona, Closet Curation and Shopping
Lessons include Identify a style persona for the client based on the Style Scale, how to effectively complete a closet edit, suggest coordinates, develop a shopping plan, using modular planners, invoicing and follow up tips for shopping with the client.
Quiz Review and Quiz
Online exam to test student’s absorption of the course training. 25 true/ false, multiple choice, mix and match and two essay questions. Scoring is standard from A to F (fail). Passing score must be 80% or higher.
Student Project - Define Your Niche Market
Students discover a powerful method toward identifying their niche market within this industry. Graded assignment offers key feedback to motivate students toward professional consultant status. A great way to define their business goal.
Men's Image Course FINAL PROJECT
Fun and engaging the final project is an opportunity for the learner to display their new found skills in a creative individual or group project.
Course ending checkout paperwork
All students completing the course are required to submit a brief feedback testimonial about their experience with the course. Click the link below for instructions and sample. Students also must complete a Participant Training Evaluation form prior to completing the course to earn their CEU's and/ or ILU's.
Practice How To Dress The Male = Short Tutorial Videos with Models
Learn simple steps on male fashion basics such as how to tie a tie, how to determine pant length, how to measure for shirt size and more.
ZIP Graduate Resource Documents
Online library of downloadable resources, forms, eBooks and supportive material to help the new graduate build a strong business.
About Your Bonus Course - How to Start Your Business
Course available when you have completed all modules and course requirements. Take advantage of our business training course. This course sets you up to promote, market and grow your fashion, style or image business immediately. E-Book and important forms included. This is a bonus that opens when you complete your course and submit your final graduate listing. Your course access codes will be emailed to you when we receive your form submission. Move to the next modules and complete them in order to finish out your course.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Award CEU Statement


Hash Brown

"This course simply amazing! I really liked the idea of having explanation videos while also having a manual e-book. The course is easy to walk through and complete the assignments. They also provide you with amazing applications to use after you are done. Definitely learnt a lot."

Leinette Shinsato

"The MIC course is a comprehensive introduction to the field of men's consulting. The step-by-step course is easy to navigate, especially with the course book and supplemental material."

Carla Donato

"I am pleased to put 5 stars to the Men's Image Consultant Course because it is very well structured, clear explanations and so much useful information every Image Consultant must know if he/she wants to be successful. I have been guided from general concepts to a more detailed and technical terminology. The assistance is great during the course and it is full of advices, suggestions and software to support you in your professional activity with men. It worths to attend it!"

Svitlana Gariyenchyk